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Best Occupational health center in Navi Mumbai

Occupational health center in Navi Mumbai is a service that helps employers, workers, or representatives to ensure that the workplace is healthy and safe according to the accepted health and safety guidelines and requirements. If you are looking for occupational health care services. We are proud to introduce ourselves as the leading provider of an occupational health centre in Navi Mumbai.

In today's commercial world occupational health is an integral aspect. New Millennium plays a vital role in providing the ideal occupational health services in Navi Mumbai for any type of industry.


Complete setup for Occupational health center in Navi Mumbai

We offer you the complete OHC setup. Below given are our complete OHC setup:


1. Drugs and Medicine 

Through on-site and offsite services we analyze the risk and help to prevent ill health by neutralizing any drug or alcohol-related risks by our occupational medicines. We also provide support and guidance to employees for dispensary medicine.


2. Medical Furniture 

We offer all the medical furniture and equipment required for different types of occupational health centers. We have products for small as well as for big OHCs.


3. Machineries

Some of the occupational health centres require machinery to compete with the accidental risk. We provide you with high-end tech equipment such as AED, and ECG.

Apart from the supply of the equipment we also do the regular maintenance of these machines. So overall we bring a hassle-free experience for you.


Services that we offer for an Occupational health centre in Navi Mumbai

Below given are some of the amazing integrated services that make us better than even the top 10 Occupational Medicine Specialists in Navi Mumbai:

1. Complete setup and management of OHC with expert doctors and trained paramedical staff.

2. We also help in identifying health hazards and workers exposed to any chemicals.

3. Rating and accessing exposure level

4. Analyzing the effectiveness of controls

5. 24*7 telehealth. We provide a corporate helpline number from which you can seek consultation from well-qualified doctors via phone or video conferencing.

6. 24*7 medical emergency care facilities that include hospitalization and ambulance services.

7. Regular health and wellness workshops


Why Occupational health center in Navi Mumbai?

The Occupational health center in Navi Mumbai is often abbreviated as OHC. It is required to prevent occupational disease in factories, offices, or any other working place.

An occupational disease is the result of exposure of employees and workers to harmful chemicals, biological hazards, or any physical health hazard at workplaces.

Two reasons why OHC makes occupational diseases easily preventable:

1. The main disease-causing agent can easily be measured, identified, and controlled with the help of OHC.

2. Since the population is very small, the disease can easily be analyzed and the infected persons can be treated easily. Moreover if needed they can be shifted to other locations. With the help of OHC centres the disease can be diagnosed early and treatment can be given at the right time so that the effect could easily be reversed.


Our amazing features of Occupational health center in Navi Mumbai

Our clients are so happy and satisfied with our services that they often tag our services as the best occupational health services in Navi Mumbai.

1. Our team has qualified doctors and certified surgeons, nutritionists, medical staff, microbiologists etc.

2. Most competitive and affordable pricing.    

3. Easy onboarding process. You are just a few clicks away from availing our service. 

So if you are looking for an occupational health centre Navi Mumbai then your search ends here as we are the ideal match for you.

  • October 19, 2022