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Top Private Hospital In Navi Mumbai

New Millennium hospital is the widely recognized and Top private hospital in Navi Mumbai. Over the years it has emerged as the foremost and most prominent integrated health care service provider.

We rank among the leading and Top private hospital in Navi Mumbai which brings all the top class medical facilities under one single roof. We always strive to serve our patients in the best possible ways by using modern technology and specialized doctors.


Our services and facilities For Top Private Hospital In Navi Mumbai

New Millennium hospital is committed to delivering quality healthcare care by offering the following given facilities and services:

1. Round the clock emergency and trauma facilities

2. Ambulances, testing labs, and pharmacies are available 24/7.

3. Completely equipped ICUs with all the modern facilities and equipment such as mechanical ventilators, cardiac monitors, neonatal care units, etc.

4. Dedicated and trained medical staff that cares for the patient all the time. 

5. Well equipped operation theaters with OT lights, Monitors, Cautery Ventilators, Infusion pumps  Operation tables, Defibrillators C-arm image intensifier, Positive pressure laminar airflow, and HEPA filter, etc


All the above facilities are present only in the best multispeciality hospital in Navi Mumbai and we offer you all these facilities and services.


Why choose us?

Below given are some of the details of our hospital that makes us stand in the list of best hospitals in Navi Mumbai:

1. Expert team

We have a highly professional and specialized team of doctors who have years of experience and expertise in curing the patient. In our hospital, there are 50 doctors who are well qualified in their respective fields of practice.

All our medical and non medical staff are also well trained. They work the whole day and night to take care of the patients.


2. Blood bank

We have the most efficient and well stocked blood bank in Navi Mumbai that helps the patients during high risk and emergency cases.


3. Advanced diagnostic

Our diagnostic lab is fully equipped to diagnose almost all kinds of diagnoses.


4. Insurance claim assistance

We provide you with the health certificates that help you to claim the insurance. So insurance claims will become easier for you.


5. Online appointment booking facility

 You don't need to go to our hospital to book an appointment. In  just a few clicks, you can book an appointment with us from our website. You just need to enter your name, email address, phone number, and date and time of the appointment. After submitting these details a slot will be alloted to you in your preferred time.


6. Modern infrastructure 

The state of art infrastructure of the hospital gives it the perfect ambience for diagnosing and treating the patients.

Because of the above given facilities, our patients mark us as one of the Top private hospital in Navi Mumbai.

Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, we have a legacy of more than 18 years of bringing smiles to the faces of thousands of families. On top of this, we offer all these services at the most affordable price. So why search for the Best doctor treatment and hospital in Navi Mumbai? When the New Millennium hospital brings everything for you under one single roof.

  • November 22, 2022