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Top Hospitals in Navi Mumbai

New Millennium is one of the top hospitals in Navi Mumbai. We provide you with the finest ambience and services for the treatment of almost all kinds of diseases. We always strive to bring transparency in all our services and build strong doctor-patient communication and relationships.

We have the expertise and experience of more than 18 years. In these 18 years, we have helped more than ten thousand people to get out of their ailments. We have been evolving with the changing world. To provide our patients with the most reliable medical facilities we have constantly upgraded our infrastructure, technology, and machines. So with us, you can be sure that you will get to experience the best healthcare facility. This is the reason that our patients always mark us as one of the top hospitals in Navi Mumbai.

We have a team of more than 50 doctors who are specialized and well experienced in their respective fields. Doctors are the backbone of any hospital. We understand this fact so we only have qualified and certified doctors who are experts in their work. They have deep knowledge and understanding of different diseases, surgeries, and medical consultations. So they treat the patient in the best possible way. Over the years they have brought smiles to thousands of faces by curing them of their diseases.

Here we at New Millennium offer cures related to

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Related problem
  • Urology ( kidney related problems)
  • Neurology (brain related problems)
  • Bone surgeries such as joint replacement and spine surgery
  • Ear Nose Tongue (ENT) problems
  • Plastic and cosmetics surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery( keyhole surgery or minimal invasive surgery)
  • Mother and child related problems

So we are among the top multispeciality hospitals in Navi Mumbai that offer you the treatment of the above-mentioned problems from specialized doctors.

We are among the top hospitals in Navi Mumbai that offer you all the specialized treatment of various diseases under the same roof so you don't need to visit different hospitals to cure different ailments.

The infrastructure of the hospital is brilliantly designed to offer you the best and most remarkable healthcare facility. We are fully equipped with 24*7 emergency ambulance facilities, extensive and modern operation theaters, Critical care units ICUs, NICUs, in-house pathology, and a pharmacy. So you get all the best in class medical services at one single place that saves a lot of time and effort. All these features make New Millennium the best multispeciality hospital in Navi Mumbai.

Our major focus is to bring all the world class medical facilities at the most affordable and reasonable price. We also ensure full transparency in billing.

New Millennium is known for its patient centric culture. All medical and non medical staff are trained to offer you the highest quality healthcare facility.

So if you are in Navi Mumbai and want to get treatment from one of the top hospitals in Navi Mumbai. Then New Millennium is the only destination for you that cares about you and your budget as well.

  • November 22, 2022