Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai

24/7 Emergency Services

New Millennium Hospital is Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai has a full fledged 24/7 casualty services department that attends to any emergency. Equipped to cope up with emergency of any kind, the department has the state of the art acute medical care unit to handle emergencies round the clock and presence of surgeons to handle the trauma cases.

Over the years New Millennium Hospital has proved to be one of the best casualty Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai in navi mumbai.

Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai
Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai


The outpatient department is an important part of the hospital. The outpatient department of a Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai provides diagnosis and care for patients that do not need to get hospitalized. The outpatient department will usually be on the ground floor of the hospital. Wheelchairs and stretchers are available for non-immobile patients. Patients will register at a reception and there is seating arrangement for them while they wait for their appointments. Each doctor will have a consulting room and there may be smaller waiting areas near these. Paediatric clinics are often held in areas separated from the adult clinics.


A patient seeking consultation with a specialist for a medical problem can be referred for admission to the IPD for further treatment. A patient who comes to an emergency unit of the hospital is shifted to an IPD for further management if required. Patients who have surgery advised in the hospital may get admitted for the same for a preoperative assessment and preparation for the procedure.

An IPD is well equipped with nurses and doctors round the clock for the adequate monitoring of the patient's recovery. The duty doctors monitor the patient’s condition regularly and inform the concerned specialist in case of any improvement and deterioration of the patient’s condition.

Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai
Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai


An intensive care unit (ICU) is a special department of a hospital or health care facility that provides intensive treatment medicine.

ICUs are also distinguished from general Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai wards by a higher staff-to-patient ratio and to access to advanced medical resources and equipment that is not routinely available elsewhere. Common conditions that are treated within ICUs include acute (or adult) respiratory distress syndrome, hypertension, metastases and other life-threatening conditions.




The operation theaters are fully air conditioned.

Each OT is equipped with following technologies:

OT lights Monitors Cautery Ventilators Infusion pumps Operation tables State of the art anesthesia work station Defibrillators C-arm image intensifier Highly sterile OT NABH compliant(India’s Best Healthcare Standard) Positive pressure laminar airfloe and hepafilter

Strict infection control measures are observed round the clock by applying standard protocols.


Inhouse Pathology

New Millennium Hospital has a 24hrs well equipped Pathology Center with specific pathology services like both anatomic (surgical pathology, cytopathology, autopsy) and clinical (laboratory medicine) pathology. Specially trained pathologist and assistants perform the tests and ensure the accurate and timely results for detection. Both in patient & out patient can avail this 24/7 Pathology facilities.


New Millennium Hospital has State of the art equipment and trauma hospital in Navi mumbai. Round the clock technicians on rotational shift duty, to handle all types of Emergencies & Trauma cases on 24-hour basis. Routine tests viz. X- rays, IVP, Barium Swallow, etc. are done by our qualified technicians Sonography procedures are carried out by Qualified Radiologist.

USG Machine:Advance sonography Machine *2 D echo Color Doppler facility available in our unit. So, we can manage every blunt trauma vascular injury & Heart related Problem.
Trauma Hospital in Navi mumbai